The Future of Nutrition Match

It has been quite some time since I wrote an actual blog here and not just a link to an article I wrote. There have been some ideas floating around in my head lately about developing Nutrition Match into more of a business. I have posted a poll regarding ideas of this potential business on the top right of the page. 
Currently there are more and more people with food sensitivities (allergies and intolerances). After several individuals, including both friends and family have asked me so many questions regarding this topic, I have decided to educate myself further on this.

My real passion forever will be associated with helping people obtain healthy nutrition throughout their normal everyday life. Planning healthy, balanced meals has always been something I feel nobody should be deprived of. However, it is difficult with the busy lives we all lead to think even as far as our next meal. Keeping the right things on hand, can make this easier. This continues to be challenge for many though. 

Most people consume more food prepared out of the home than in the home. Menu labeling has helped many people to choose healthier options while dining out. Families with food sensitivities have an even greater challenge in choosing healthy foods that do not contain the foods or substances they have a reaction to. Developing recipes and menus as well as analyzing them is such an interest of mine. I hope I can tie these together and help people obtain optimal nutrition. 

I look forward to being able to assist many of you by incorporating these specialties. There will be additional services available so please do not hesitate in letting me know what you are interested in by answering the poll and/or commenting below. Thanks!


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  2. Correct, meal planning can help with a health condition or not. Everyone can and should eat in such a way that is most advantageous for them--a match for not only his or her health conditions but other factors as well.